Classic Rock Magazine Feature

Tony was recently interviewed alongside his old friends Andy Cairns (Therapy?), CJ (The Wildhearts), Chris McCormack (3 Colours Red) and Claire Sturgess (R1 DJ) as they looked back on the Brit Rock scene in the 90's.  The feature is in…Read more

Thoughts 'n' All Album Review - Team Rock

“Yet, for all his hushed tones and softer hues, Wright has still managed to fashion a set of songs that are, in their own way, as anthemic and as rallying as the high watermarks of his old band. It’s just…Read more

Album Review - Indulge Sound 5/5

“Thoughts ‘n’ All is an album that truly leaves its mark emotionally. You can hear the journey this guy went through – from the lowest point right through to the happiest of times and it’s this kind of song-writing that…Read more

Album Review - Rock N Load

All too often, solo albums such as this one can come across as self-indulgent, even arrogant. Let me make this absolutely clear however; this is NOT one of them. It is a beautifully crafted and executed collection of tracks that,Read more