Album Artwork Revealed

I'd like to show you the artwork for my new (as yet unnamed) album.  It was created by the brilliant Drew Millward and is a true pictorial translation of some of the goings on over the last year or so... I really love it and I hope you do too! 

In other news, the mixing and mastering of the album is now complete.  It took a little longer than expected, but we wanted to ensure it was perfect for your ears.   

With that in mind the official (and commercial) release date will now be Friday May 6th in time for our little electric tour - the dates for which (along with other gigs) can be found here 

PLEDGERS!  We really appreciate that you've all jumped on the good ship Tony Wright early and have preordered the album directly from Tony HQ.  You've helped us get this far!   

So just for you, on April Fools day (Friday 1st April) at 8pm, my new album will be available to stream and download in full!  5 weeks prior to its official release date!   

Not Pledged yet?  It's not too late.  Preorder the album or any other goodies on the pledge site to join the club and get early access to the new album.  You'll also be able to download  'Rock-a-Boogie Merchant (2016)' instantly upon Pledging.

Thank you for your amazing support.