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A snippet of a new song

We are currently mixing my new album - check out the video below to hear a sneaky snippet of a new song (along with a wide array of posing from Paddy!).

You can still pledge for my new album here…Read more

Tony TV Episode 6: Liver & Milk

An all new episode of Tony TV! In this episode Milly and I explore the beach, find some interesting wooden buildings and Tony explains to Milly why Liver is attracted to Milk. They also play a couple of songs at…Read more

Tony TV Episode 5: Itching A Ride To Edinburgh

Two episodes in two days!!  
This episode finds Tony and Milly on their way to Edinburgh (after an itchy night in a hotel), with a quick stop in Alnwick to buy a castle with their T-shirt money.  They then play…Read more

Tony TV Episode 4: We're Tony Wright

After a several month hiatus, we are happy to announce Tony TV is back!
We'll be bringing you several episodes over the coming weeks to bring you right up to date.  Episode 4 sees Tony and Milly about to embark…Read more